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8/10/21 Minutes



August 10, 2021



The August 10, 2021, Board of Supervisors’ Meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman Jim Janssen at 7:30PM at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by those in attendance including Supervisors Kara Knutson & Jim Janssen; Treasurer Traci Bak; Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman; and 8 members of the community.   Supervisor Jerry Pohlman was absent.




Additions to the Agenda:  CLVTB request was added to New Business.


Minutes – A motion was made by Jim, supported by Kara, to approve the minutes of the 7/13/21 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting, with the following correction to Public Comments requested by community member Nancy Ross:  Change ‘as it will be near her property’ to ‘crossing over her property, feet from her front door.’ All voted in favor and the motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report –The July Cash Balances were read, and the bills were presented as follows: Costin Group – $1,250.00; Lake Country Power – $146.56; Lutefisk Tech. – $529.90; Jeff Truebenbach – $675.00; CLVTB – $7,581.71; and Payroll $636.57.  A motion was made by Kara, supported by Jim, to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read and the payment of bills.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


The Clerk presented the correspondence.  The correspondence was received and will be placed on file and acted upon as required.





VNP-Visitor Center/Campsite:

Committee Report:  Gretchen Janssen provided a report to the Board as follows:  S.E.H. met with ARI to clarify scope of work.  We expect a kick-off meeting to be scheduled soon (September ?)  ARI, Inc. accepted our offer to provide architectural services for the Visitor Center.  Sent a proposed schedule to S.E.H., working on a contract with S.E.H. VNP sent the Town a sample agreement.  Would like to schedule a meeting to further discuss dual use space in the Visitor Center and our future maintenance/operations agreement.  VNP will be invited to our kick-off meeting and active in the upcoming design meetings.  (Committee will ask the VNP for examples of other agreements they have to assist with composition of the agreement between the Town and the VNP). USFS, CLVTB, CLWSD – Partners/tenants in the Visitor Center.  We asked these organizations for a written list of requests for us to consider as we design the floor plan.  We still need to develop a maintenance and operations agreement with each of them. (Carole Scott volunteered to participate in the design process). St Louis County – No activity this month.  Attorney – Ruppe selected.  When is a good time to schedule a meeting with him? (Meeting was not scheduled yet).  DNR / Bayside Dr – The Town needs to clarify its plans for Kristen’s property connecting the DNR boat access to the Visitor Center.  Walking path or road?  If Bayside Drive were a Township road, we could apply for state funds, but the character of Bayside Drive would have to change. (Addressed below.)  Braun Intertec – Any reporting this month? (Braun Intertec plans to report in the fall – If no report is received, they will be contacted).  LCCMR – Jim completed a background check for the ENRTF funds.  Mike Larson submitted our final workplan August 5.  IRRRB – Application submitted (by Mike Larson) for property acquisition and road construction.  Township resolution needed.  Is road construction the right terminology? (Addressed below.)  Ehlers – Financial group hired but on hold for now.  Next committee meeting planned for August 26th at 4 pm.

  • Bayside Drive Upgrade:  County Commissioner Paul McDonald will be asked if the County would consider Bayside Drive as a County Road.
  • Pathway or Road between Visitor Center & DNR site:  There was discussion on the wording of the resolution requested by Mike Larson of S.E.H. for the IRRR funding request – pathway or road.  The community decided to go with ‘road’ for the resolution and application.  A final decision of path or road would be made in the future.  A motion was made by Jim, supported by Kara, to adopt Resolution No. 2021-06 Authorizing the Township Chair and Clerk to Make Application to the Iron Range Resources Community Infrastructure Grant Program for a Land Acquisition and Road Construction Project.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.  The Resolution will be sent to Mike Larson of S.E.H.  The Township Attorney will need to be consulted on land ownership and easements near the Kristen Scott property, should the purchase be made.  A survey may also be needed.  Communication with Kristen Scott will continue regarding purchase of her property.



Town of Crane Lake Meeting Minutes – August 10, 2021


VNP-Visitor Center/Campsite: (Cont.)

Grounds Clean-up:  There was no report.

Docks:  There was no report.

Funding:  There was no report.


ATV Report:  Bruce reported that $100,000 in funding was received for the trail to Vermilion Falls.  Mark Anderson added to the report describing the work that was going on and acknowledging how much volunteer labor was being contributed to the trail work.  DNR specifications are being followed as required.  ATV club funds are being used for the projects as well as grants.


Trails Report:  Lori Sanborn provided a report stating that the trailhead on the Herriman Lake Trail is ribboned off and the riverbed at the bridge is dry.


Land Use Project:  Kara reported that the Certificate of Survey should be received this week.


Neighborhood Watch Report:  There was nothing new to report.


American Rescue Plan Act Fund:  Application for funds was made and $4,338.50 was received.  The funds have specific spending requirements.  It is undecided at this point how the funds will be used.


Broadband Committee Report:  Drake Dill reported that Crane Lake is considered an underserved area without connectivity.  The Committee contacted CTC and are waiting for a quote on providing broadband work in the area.  Paul Bunyan gave an estimate of $500,000 for local work and $1,000,000 for work from Orr to Crane Lake.  Drake spoke to Paul Brinkman, who is involved with Northeast Services; he felt the project could be accomplished for under $1,000,000.  Whitney Ridlon, IRRR, is planning a meeting with Paul Bunyan, CTC, and Northeast Services on behalf of the Township to discuss options; Drake Dill and Mark Anderson would attend the meeting.  There are funding options through St. Louis County, the IRRR, and tourism resources.  It was suggested that Gary Cerkvenik be asked if Visitor Center funds could be used for broadband as internet communication will be vital to all involved.  Congressman Pete Stauber could be contacted for support.  It was asked where U.S. Customs would fit into the need for better service to the area.





Twp. Computer Repair:  The Township’s Clerk computer has been having trouble.  A Dell technician will replace the motherboard and the fan, on warranty.


St. Louis County Sheriff’s Rescue Squad Donation Request:  A motion was made by Kara, supported by Jim, to donate $500.00 to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Rescue Squad.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


CLVTB Request:  A request was received from the Crane Lake Visitor & Tourism Bureau for the Township to share in the cleaning expenses of the bathroom near the Voyageur Statue.  A motion was made by Jim, supported by Kara, to split the yearly fee.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


Other New Business:  There was none.


Comments from Officers:  There were none.



Public Comments: Deb Scott asked about the purpose of the path/road between the Visitor Center and the DNR Public Water Access.  It was explained that one reason would be that large boats, houseboats, etc. may wish to go to the Visitor Center and dock access would be better at the DNR site.  Carole Scott stated that she was not in favor of the road/path so close to her house and suggested a walkway/bog walk be planned from Bayside Drive to the Visitor Center as an alternative (Nancy Ross suggested the same in her emails). Carole also had comments on the Voyageur Statue area; the Board suggested she contact the CLVTB.  Mark Anderson requested a legal description of the Township owned shoreline describing ownership and public access.  He also reminded those present of the importance of supporting the businesses in the area.  Much discussion followed regarding the importance of both businesses and private property owners in the area.  Bruce Beste said that ATV’s had been seen driving on the Township property, which is prohibited.  Community felt there needed to be better clarification of the Township land use by private parties wishing to access docks.  Drake Dill suggested that those that are concerned should meet to discuss parking, dock access, etc.

Town of Crane Lake Meeting Minutes – August 10, 2021




Next Meeting:   Board of Supervisors’ Meeting – September 14, 2021 – 7:30PM, Fellowship Hall



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50PM.






Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                  Jim Janssen, Vice-Chairman





















































This draft of the Crane Lake Township minutes has been posted solely for preliminary informational purposes.  Minutes are unofficial and subject to change until they have been approved by the Crane Lake Board of Supervisors.