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5/20/22 Bayside Drive Informational Meeting Minutes



May 20, 2022


The second Bayside Drive informational meeting, held via Zoom and at the Fellowship Hall, began at 1:10PM on 5/20/22 with those in attendance including:  Gary Cerkvenik of the Costin Group; Town Board Supervisor Jim Janssen (via phone); Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman; and Bayside Drive property owners Lee and Lisa Schwanke, Sharon Erding, Jim McKie and Dan Berling.  Russ and Peggy Nieland and Darrell Scott were unable to attend.


The meeting began with attendee introduction.  Jim Janssen thanked all for coming and expressed his pleasure to work will all to better the Town.  The Bayside Drive upgrade is an interesting and challenging issue and the Town wishes to get the most done with the least disruption to the residents on that road.


Gary Cerkvenik provided background of the Visitor Center and Campground project and the DNR’s plan to upgrade the Public Water Access.  He explained the different grants that had been received and those that are in the application stage. A requirement of the State Park Road Account Program to receive funding is that Bayside Drive become a Township or County Road.  A Public Hearing is set for June 28th.  The County does not want Bayside Drive as a county road.


A township road must meet state specifications.  If the road is widened mainly to the west, ditching and right-of-way requirements would need to occur on the east side of the road.  The Township would be responsible for care and maintenance of the road.



Is it understood correctly that there are three options – Upgrade the road following the present route, move the road to the West on Township land to impact residents to a lesser degree, or move the entrance from Handberg Road westward toward the power line:  Yes.


Will the road be elevated?  Most likely; however, this is an engineering question.


Explain why 66’ width is needed, when actual road will be expanded from the current 26’ to 36’.  The additional 30’ will be used for ditching on either side of the road.


How are the rights-of-way determined?  There will be appraisals by the County or a private firm to determine valuation, then compensation to property owners.  There are funds available for the compensation.


When the upgraded, widened road comes close to structures on a property, the question of property ownership and safety becomes an issue.


Is a walkway part of the planned upgrade?  The Town has not discussed a walkway.


Have other options been considered for access to the DNR Public Water Access?  Yes, a road off Bayside Drive was considered, but that portion of Township land is considered wetlands making a road cost prohibitive.  There was also an effort to purchase Kristen Scott’s property to provide a road/path from the Visitor Center to the DNR site, but the purchase did not go through.


Those present asked Dan Berling if he was OK with the road entrance being moved to the West toward the powerline as most of that land is on his property.  He was in agreement that it could be considered.


Will property taxes decrease when rights-of-way are in place?  That is a question for the County.


Where is the DNR on this?  Did they realize that it was a private road leading to the Public Water Access?  The DNR is providing the funding for the road upgrade and are in support of the effort.  The Township will maintain the road, probably by contracting with the County or a private business to plow and blade, with an estimated expense of up to $2,000 per year.  Additional road work will be provided by the Township.


Can roads be built in wetlands?  Yes, with proper permitting and increased expense.


When will work begin?  2023, if all goes as planned.


Can the County adjust the road width requirements where it is not feasible to make the road 66’ wide.  Yes, where needed only.


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There was concern on how the road could be upgraded at the 90 degree turn without affecting properties in that location.

The Township has not decided to accept Bayside Drive at this time; therefore, the expense of designing the exact route of the road has not been addressed.  The Township will ask the engineers about concepts for the 90 degree turn prior to the hearing.


Lisa Schwanke stated that the residents in attendance were in support of the Town and appreciated the hours put into the project and thanked the Town for including them in the conversations.


Gary Cerkvenik said that a Township Attorney, a County Representative, and an S.E.H. Engineer would be present at the hearing to answer technical questions.  Gary stated that a letter will be sent to property owners prior to the hearing asking for a response confirming receipt of the letter.  He asked that people respond to the letter to avoid the additional expense of having the letter hand delivered.


Lee Schwanke questioned the long-term plan of the Campground and it’s affect on the sewer plant.  He asked if there would be a hook-up at each campsite.  There will be sewer access at each site.  He was concerned about the capacity of the plant in relation to the increased use and the possibility of an accidental discharge from the plant, which would discharge directly to the bay where Bayside Drive property owners reside.


There were no further questions or discussions.  Jim thanked everyone for their input and was sorry he could not be at the meeting in person.


The meeting ended at 1:50PM






Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                              Jim Janssen, Vice-Chairman