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Tim Campbell/Jacque Eggen Memorial Letter


March 13, 2006


Board of Supervisors

Town of Crane Lake

Box 402

Crane Lake, MN  55725


Dear Supervisors,


The tourism industry in the State of Minnesota is planning a fund raising effort to establish a memorial for the late Jacque Eggen.  Because of

Jacque’s love for gardening and the widespread recognition she received over the years, the concept is to build a permanent planter in Crane Lake near the newly reconstructed bridge.  The planter would be built of native materials (e.g., stone, wood) and be such that it would be very durable over time, and require limited maintenance.  C.J. Fernandez of the University of Minnesota Center for Changing Landscapes, who has been working with Crane Lake on the town planning project, will design the planter.  It’s important that an entity take ownership and responsibility for the planter

once it is constructed.  Those of us working on this effort feel it would be an excellent choice if the Town of Crane Lake took ownership of the planter.  We know the town would take great care of it, and it would be an asset for the community.


I respectfully request that the Town of Crane Lake take official action to accept this planter and the responsibility that goes with it as a memorial to the late Jacque Eggen.


Thank you for your consideration,


Tim Campbell

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