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2012 Land Exchange Update

Town of Crane Lake/US Forest Service Land Exchange


The good news is that the exchange is on track.  It is expected to be completed by the last quarter of 2012.  This has been a ten year project. This exchange is the result of following the Community Action Plan of 2001, to comply with the town resident’s wishes of more private land for private ownership and green space for eventually securing a much needed town hall.  Many steps are required for an exchange.  Several have been completed however there are more to be completed for the final conclusion.  Most recently the public comment period was completed.  The Forest Service will now evaluate and consider the public comments along with the results of the environmental studies already completed to draft an environmental assessment (EA) for the project.  The EA is expected to be completed by spring.  The completed EA will be available for review and comments by interested parties.


Although the project is called an exchange it is not an exchange of acre for acre.  By Federal regulation the exchange must be equal value to equal value to be completed.  The Town of Crane Lake will receive almost three forties for the two forties it will exchange.  Most of this land will eventually become privately owned thereby expanding the Town’s tax base. This is a benefit to all property owners.


The Forest Service intends to reserve public rights of way for existing snowmobile and hiking trails on any federal tracts. None of the existing trails will be lost to private ownership.


This report is an update of the report of July 10, 2009.  The 2009 report is listed on the Town’s web site and will answer further questions that interested parties may have.  The entire land exchange maps and legal descriptions are available with the Town Clerk JoAnn Pohlman.  It is requested this report also be posted on the town’s web site.


January 30, 2012

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