Crane Lake Township

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Community Planning Session Agenda

Crane Lake: Community Planning Session

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 ■ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Voyagaire Lodge



This session will generate the information and community guidance for the consultant team to produce the draft Crane Lake Community Action Plan for 2016-2020. The meeting will be facilitated by the consultant team.




Welcome and Introductions


This will include a brief review of background information and the planning process.

Key Opportunities

Purpose: Create the list of key opportunities for community strengthening and enhancement.

  • Initial List
    1. Voyageurs National Park Investments in New Facilities
    2. Leveraging VNP Investments to Community Benefit
    3. Positioning and Marketing in a Changing Tourism Economy
    4. Water’s Edge DNR Property
    5. Borderland Resort Property
    6. Township-owned Property
    7. Recreational Trails
    8. Workforce Housing
    9. Community Beautification
  • Community Discussion
    • Review the list and add/delete/revise topics as determined by the whole group.
    • Assign an initial priority to the final list of opportunities.

Actions to Realize Opportunities

Purpose: Define the actions to be taken by the community of Crane Lake to bring the key opportunities to fruition.

  • Small group discussions:
    • Each group discusses at least one of the key opportunities.
    • Groups are to identify the community’s desired end results, and, the initial steps needed to be taken by the community to achieve them.
  • Whole group discussion:
    • Each small group presents its findings to the whole group.
    • 8:15

      Whole group discusses the findings with intent to obtain a rough level of consensus.

General Comments


This is an opportunity to raise questions and discuss aspects of the planning process, implementation, and other related topics.