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May 13, 2003: Minutes


The May 13, 2003 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting was called to order by Chairman Ruth Carlson at 7:30PM, at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by those in attendance including:  Supervisors Ruth Carlson, Terrie Hoff and Mark Anderson, Treasurer Jacque Eggen, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, a reporter from the Cook News-Herald, a reporter from the Voyageur Sentinel and 11 members of the community.


There were no additions to the Agenda


Minutes – Motion by Mark, supported by Terrie to approve the minutes of the April 8, 2003 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting and the April 23, 2003 Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting.   Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report – Jacque read the following Cash Flow Statement for the month of March:  Beginning Balance – $5,776.96, Receipts – $1,037.48, Disbursements – $1,170.68, Ending Balance – $5,643.76.  Jacque then presented the bills as follows:  CLVTB – $985.51, Cook News-Herald – $94.50, Colosimo, Patchin, Kearney, Lindell – $193.00, America’s Best Products – $71.40, and Payroll – $446.06.  A motion was made by Terrie, supported by Mark to approve the Treasurer’s Report and the payment of bills.  Motion carried.


Correspondence – The Clerk presented the correspondence.  The correspondence was received as read and will be placed on file and acted upon as required.




Welcome to Crane Lake Sign–Co-op with CLVTB – Supervisor Mark reported that the sign arrived Saturday and hopefully a crew will be organized to place the sign next week.


Tobacco Licensing & Regulation – Supervisor Terrie plans to have everything in place by June.


Signage–Speed Zone Signs – No report

Web Site – Ruth continues to work with the web master and reports that the website should be up and running within the week.  The site will include pages for Minutes, Financials & Agendas; Community Action Plan; Map; community activities and links to the CLVTB, CLWSD, and the Fire Department.  When the site is up, the people will be encouraged to request additional information they would like on the website.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie to pay the Clerk $10 per hour to put the initial information on the website.  Motion carried.


Land Swap –Ruth continues to communicate with the people involved and will keep the community informed. The land swap will be a line item on the budget at the Reconvened Annual Meeting in August.


Consent Form – Legal advice has been received by the Town Board to sign the consent form allowing the Crane Lake Water & Sanitary District to construct, install, operate, alter and maintain underground water and sewer lines over, under and across the roads and streets dedicated to the public in Harding Manor, Baylis Crane Lake Addition and Chase First Addition.  A motion was made by Mark, supported by Ruth to sign the consent form and to authorize the chairman and the clerk to sign the consent form on behalf of the Town of Crane Lake.  Motion carried.





St. Louis County Community Development Block Grant Program Report.  Terrie reported that she attended the meeting which was a celebration of past accomplishments and a kick-off for future projects.  Pictures were shown of projects the County had participated in previously.  She received materials for review and recommended that the Board review the information and send in the applicable paperwork to be included in the programs in the future.


Eligibility for CDBG & Home Programs/Resolution, Agreements – On the recommendation of Supervisor Terrie and Nancy Larson of the Community Development Division of St. Louis County, a motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie to adopt the Resolution and execute the Agreements necessary to establish eligibility for the CDBG and HOME programs.  Motion carried.


Population & Household Estimates – A letter was received from the State Demographic Center with the estimate of population and households in the Town of Crane Lake.  The Board did not agree with the figures sent.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie to challenge the estimates.  Motion carried.


Approval of Liquor Licenses for: Nelson’s Resort, Handberg’s Marine, Anderson’s Outfitters, Borderland Lodge & Outfitters, Camp 40, Scott’s Resort and Voyagaire Lodge – Chairman Ruth listed the license applicants and asked the Board if they preferred to vote on the applicants individually or as a body.  A motion was made by Mark, supported by Terrie to grant the requests of all applicants as one body.  Motion carried.


International Joint Commission (IJC) Representative Appointment & Report – Chairman Ruth felt it was important that someone represent the Town at the meeting held on May 12, 2003. Because the meeting was prior to the Town Board Meeting on May 13, Ruth asked community member Rob Scott to represent the Town.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Mark to appoint Rob Scott as the Town representative at the IJC meetings.  Motion carried.  Rob Scott reported that the meeting held at Lla Place Rendez-Vous in Fort Frances, Ontario was chaired by Canadian Chair Herb Gray and U.S. Commissioner Allen Olson.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss local involvement in its water level and flow management decisions with the possibility of adding two local members to the International Rainy Lake Board of Control and establishing a locally-based advisory committee to advise the Board of Control on matters of local concern and improve communication between the board and the public.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie to appoint Rob Scott to represent us with the IJC as he deems necessary.  Motion carried.  A motion was made by Ruth, support by Terrie to pay Rob Scott mileage for meeting trips.  Motion carried.


Board of Appeals Expense – There were none.  The Town Board thanks Butch Eggen for his attendance and input at the Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting.


Supervisor Mark received a copy of an affidavit signed by Michael Seigley on 4/24/03, the day after the Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting where his homestead classification was re-established.  Mark made a motion to reverse the decision made at the Board of Equalization meeting granting Mr. Seigley homestead classification.  Terrie suggested that more information should be reviewed and someone should communicate with Michael Seigley before voting on the issue.  Ruth supported the motion for discussion.  Discussion followed. Mark stated that Mr. Seigley stated he was a year round resident of the Town of Crane Lake at the Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting and swore an oath that he was a part-time resident of Crane Lake in his affidavit the following day.  Ruth reviewed the history of Michael Siegley’s classification and the point was made that he would still have the opportunity to appeal to the County Board of Appeal.  The vote on the motion was as follows:  Mark- yes, Ruth – yes, Terrie- abstain.  Motion carried.


PUBLIC COMMENTS – Some of the comments were as follows:


Bob Bowers – suggested that the agenda be put on the website.  Ruth responded that was a good suggestion and it will be included.


Carole Scott – stated her concerns of the complications arising with the Town and the CLWSD because of false statements being made by some community members.  She suggested that the community could look into the erroneous claims.


Rob Scott – felt it was important to get the website up and running to get the correct information out to the public.  He also suggested that the website include a section on frequently asked questions.  Also responded positively by Ruth.



COMMENTS BY OFFICERS –  Ruth said it was nice to have those in attendance and to have their input because the Board is really trying to represent the people of the Town.


The next Regular Board Meeting will be June 10, 2003 at 7:30PM at the Crane Lake Fellowship Hall.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned by Chairman Ruth at 8:25PM.





Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                           Ruth Carlson, Chairman