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March 9, 2004: Annual Meeting Minutes



March 9, 2004



The March 9, 2004 Annual Meeting was called to order by Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman at 8:15PM, at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by those in attendance including:  A reporter from the Cook News Herald, a reporter from the Voyageur Sentinel, a reporter from the Timberjay and 25 members of the community.


Clerk Jo Ann explained the purpose of the Annual Meeting and reminded everyone that it is a public meeting, anyone may attend, but only eligible voters of the Town may act at the meeting.  Voting was to be done by a show of hands.


Clerk Jo Ann asked for nominations for a Moderator.  Mike White nominated Butch Eggen, with a second by Terrie Hoff.  Jo Ann asked for any other nominations three times.  There being no other nominations, the nominations were closed.  Ruth L. Carlson made a motion, supported by Bill Congdon, that a White Ballot be cast for the office of Moderator to be served by Butch Eggen.  Motion carried.


Moderator Butch read the Agenda.


Butch asked for any other Additions to the Agenda.  There being none, Butch  asked for a motion to approve the Agenda.  A motion was made by Gini Marshall, supported by Jerry Pohlman, to approve the Agenda.  Motion carried.




Minutes of the 8/12/03 Reconvened Annual Meeting – All attendees of the Annual Meeting received a copy of the Minutes of 8/12/03.  Butch asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes.  There were none.  A motion was made by Mark Anderson, supported by Ruth L. Carlson, to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to approve the minutes as received.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report – Clerk Jo Ann read the following Treasurer’s Report for fiscal year 2003:

Opening Balance         $      3,930.16

Receipts                         +148,646.95

Disbursements               -130,618.26

Ending Balance           $     21,958.85

Moderator Butch asked if there were any questions and asked for a motion to approve.  A motion was made by Jerry Pohlman, supported by Bud Bystrom, to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read.  Motion carried.


Board of Audit Minutes of 2/10/04 – Clerk Jo Ann read the Board of Audit Minutes of 2/10/04.  A motion was made by Jacque Eggen, supported by Amy Ulen, to approve the minutes as read.  Motion carried.


2004 Election-Day Times & Location – Butch reminded everyone that the polls would be open from 10AM – 8PM for the State Primary Election and the General Election at the Fellowship Hall.


Moderator Butch asked if there was any other Old Business from the floor.  There was none.




2005 Election Day Poll Hours – A motion was made by Nancy Parvi, supported by Jeff Erickson, to set the time polls will be open on Election Days in 2005 at 10AM – 8PM for all Election Days except the Annual Meeting which will be from 5PM  – 8PM. Motion carried.


2005 Annual Meeting Date, Time, & Location –  A motion was made by Bud Bystrom, supported by Missy Scott, to set the 2005 Annual Meeting date and time for March 8, 2005 at 8:15PM at the Fellowship Hall.  Motion carried.


Clerk Jo Ann called for election judges for the State Primary and General Elections in 2004.  The wages will be $8 per hour with a minimum of two hours paid training.


Review Proposed Revenue & Expenditures – Butch asked Treasurer and Budget Committee Chairman Jacque Eggen to review the proposed 2005 budget revenues and expenditures.  Copies of the 2005 budget were distributed to everyone in attendance. Jacque reviewed the proposed revenues of $85,130.00 and the proposed  Township disbursements totaling $40,485.00. Jacque asked if there were any questions.  There were none.  Jacque then stated that the Fire Protection amount would remain the same as 2004 at $43,730.00.  Jacque again asked if there were any questions.


Bud Bystrom asked how much of the assessor’s work was completed and when it should  be completed.  It is not known how much of his work is completed, but it must be completed by June 30th of this year when the contract ends.  Bud asked if there would be additional charges if he does not complete the work on time.  Ruth L. Carlson responded that a bill would be sent by the County for any work they had to complete.  The amount of that bill would be subtracted from what is owed to the assessor.


Terrie Hoff thanked the Budget Committee for arriving at a lower budget for 2005.


Ruth L. Carlson thanked the Fire Department for holding their levy to the same amount as 2004 and said the Town appreciates their hard work on their budget.


Moderator Butch asked if there was any other New Business from the floor.  There was none.


Budget Chairman Jacque recommended that the meeting be recessed and asked the Moderator to request a motion to recess the meeting until August to give the citizens and the new Board members time to develop a clearer picture of the financial needs of the town.


Bill Congdon suggested that since 40 people voted and most of them were at the meeting, a vote on the levy should be made.


Mike White  said the Town is not required to submit their levy to the County until September and by recessing the meeting  the levy can be adjusted for unforeseen changes that may arise.


There was more discussion with the concession being to recess.


A motion was made by Jeff Sanborn, supported by Bud Bystrom, to recess the meeting to Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 8:30PM following the Regular Board Meeting at the Groomer Garage.  Motion carried.


The meeting was recessed at 8:45PM





Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                           Shirley Sanborn, Election Judge






Charlotte Bystrom, Election Judge                                         Jim Phelps, Election Judge