Crane Lake Township

Current Topics

March 13, 2007: Annual Meeting Agenda


March 13, 2007– 8:15PM


Annual Town Meeting Agenda


Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance – Clerk Jo Ann

Election of Moderator


Moderator – State Order of Business (Read Agenda)


Approval/Additions to Agenda


Old Business:

Approve Minutes of 3/14/06 Annual Meeting

Approve Minutes of 8/8/06 Reconvened Annual Meeting

Approve Minutes of 8/29/06 2nd Reconvened Annual Meeting

Approve Minutes of 2/13/07 Board of Audit Meeting

Treasurer’s Report  (no bills) – Clerk


Other Old Business from Floor


New Business

Time Polls will be open on Election Days 2007

(10AM-8PM all Election Days but Annual Meeting; which will be 5PM-8PM)

Set 2008 Annual Meeting Date, Time & Location

(March 11, 2008 – 8:15PM or 7:30PM, Fellowship Hall)

Review Proposed Revenues & Expenditures  – Budget Committee Chairman, Terrie Hoff

Announce Election Results

Other New Business from Floor


Set Levy for 2007 (Payable in 2008) or Recess Meeting

Proposed 2007 Levy

General        $  33,170.00

Fire             $  48,000.00

Total         $  81,170.00


Adjourn or

Recess to (Tuesday, August 7, 8:30PM following Regular Board Meeting at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall)