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March 11, 2003: Annual meeting Minutes


The March 11, 2003 Annual Meeting was called to order by Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman at 8:15PM, at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by those in attendance including:  A reporter from the Cook News Herald, a reporter from the Voyageur Sentinel and 24 members of the community.


Clerk Jo Ann explained the purpose of the Annual Meeting and reminded everyone that it is a public meeting, anyone may attend, but only eligible voters of the Town may act at the meeting.  Voting was to be done by a show of hands.


Clerk Jo Ann asked for nominations for a Moderator.  Jeff Sanborn nominated Butch Eggen, with a second by Ruth Carlson.  Jo Ann asked for any other nominations three times.  There being no other nominations, the nominations were closed.  A unanimous voice vote was given to have Butch serve as the Moderator.  Motion carried.


Moderator Butch read the Agenda. He pointed out the Agenda correction changing the location of the Recessed meeting (should it happen) to the Groomer Garage rather than the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall and the addition of the next meeting date under New Business.


Butch asked for any other Additions to the Agenda.  There being non, Butch  asked for a motion to approve the Agenda as corrected and amended.  A motion was made by Sandra Bodkin, supported by Mark Anderson to approve the Agenda.  Motion carried.



Minutes of the 9/9/02 Reconvened Annual Meeting – All attendees of the Annual Meeting received a copy of the Minutes of 9/9/02.  Butch asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes.  There were none.  A motion was made by Terrie Hoff, supported by Bill Congdon to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to approve the minutes as received.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report – Clerk Jo Ann read the following Treasurer’s Report for fiscal year 2002:

Opening Balance         $    -0-

Receipts                      –  8,000.00

Disbursements           –  4,069.84

Ending Balance           $ 3,930.16

Moderator Butch asked if there were any questions and asked for a motion to approve.  A motion was made by Jacque Eggen, supported by Nancy Parvi to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read.  Motion carried.


Board of Audit Minutes of 2/11/03 – Clerk Jo Ann read the Board of Audit Minutes of 2/11/03.  A motion was made by Nancy Parvi, supported by Ruth L. Carlson to approve the minutes as read.  Motion carried.


Moderator Butch asked if there was any other Old Business from the floor.  There was none.



2004 Election Day Poll Hours – A motion was made by Nancy Parvi, supported by Jim Kuder to set the time polls will be open on Election Days in 2004 at 10AM – 8PM for all Election Days except the Annual Meeting which will be from 5PM  – 8PM.  Motion carried.


2004 Annual Meeting Date and Time –  A motion was made by Sandra Bodkin, supported by Bill Congdon to set the 2004 Annual Meeting date and time for March 9, 2004 at 8:15PM.  Motion carried.


Butch asked Treasurer and Budget Committee Chairman Jacque Eggen to review the proposed 2004 budget  revenues and expenditures.  Jacque distributed copies of the 2004 budget to everyone in attendance.  Jacque reviewed the proposed revenues of $86,262.00 stating that more information was needed regarding PILT monies, expected to be received in July, to present a more accurate budget amount.  The figures used were from the estimated amounts of the 2003 Budget.   Jacque then reviewed the proposed  Township



disbursements totaling $34,432.00.  This figure includes $5,000 for fireworks, and does not include fire protection.  Jacque then asked Terrie Hoff to speak about the fireworks.


Terrie presented the Budget Committee’s views on including fireworks in the Town Budget.  Jacque then explained the $400 item for website maintenance included in the Budget, assuming a website will be established in 2003.


Paul Hamblin asked if there was a Crane Lake website in existence now sponsored by the Crane Lake Commercial Club.  Ruth L. Carlson replied that there was a website for the Crane Lake Visitor and Tourism Bureau (CLVTB) and the Crane Lake Water & Sanitary District (CLWSD) but none for the Town.  The Town website would be mainly to provide the minutes to the people of the Town.


Sandy Bodkin asked if the budgets were from March to March or from January to January.  Jacque responded that the budget runs from January to January.  Butch reminded everyone that we were reviewing the 2004 Budget.  Sandy also asked if we would receive Local Government Aid (LGA).  Ruth L. Carlson responded that it is not likely because of the State and County budget cuts.


Paul Hamblin commented on the addition of fireworks to the budget.  He is concerned that 1/7th of the budget or $5,000, for fireworks is not an appropriate expenditure for the Town of Crane Lake when other more permanent recreational needs may be more justified, like recreation facilities for children.


Ruth L. Carlson stated that all the people of Crane Lake and summer cabin owners from other lakes enjoy the fireworks but only a few donate.  If they were included in the budget, all would share in the expense.  They also bring people into our community.


Paul Hamblin then stated that if the fireworks bring people into the community to spend money at local businesses and the businesses profit, perhaps the business community should be approached about paying for fireworks.


Harvi Parvi asked if other Townships pay for fireworks.  Ruth stated that Eveleth does.  Paul Hamblin stated that Hudson, WI does not.


Bob Bowers said that he received his property tax bill and he was very much against adding the expense of fireworks to his tax amount.  If fireworks help the businesses, the businesses should pay for them.


Nancy Parvi asked if there was an avenue to raise money through the CLVTB.  Butch, as President of the CLVTB, responded that the CLVTB was funded by the 3% Lodging Tax assessed to customers, not businesses and that the CLVTB had bailed out the fireworks once before and had not been repaid.  The CLVTB has not funded fireworks.


Jeff Sanborn said there would be a question if fireworks would be an allowable expenditure for the CLVTB by Minnesota Statute.


Nancy Parvi asked if the CLVTB money was used for advertising.  Butch responded the monies were used for promotion.


There was more discussion on how the CLVTB received money.


Moderator Butch then asked Fire Chief Jeff Sanborn to review the fire protection levy amount of $51,830.00  Jeff explained that there is $8,000 to $9,000 in new line items, including finishing the new storage building, landscaping needed to prevent the ground from washing away from the building and an equipment replacement fund.  The Fire Department plans to put together a packet of information to be sent to all property owners explaining their budget and comparing it to past years.  They would need time to do this and would request that the meeting be recessed.



Paul Hamblin asked what the increase of $14,000 was for.  Jeff explained part of it was for equipment replacement at $5,000, part for maintenance and completion of the storage building, and $700 for sewer fees.  The age of the trucks is also an issue.


Paul stated that the trucks are of the 1970 vintage.  What would the Fire Department want to upgrade to and at what expense.  Jeff said that they currently have a standing option with the Town of Hibbing for a truck that would be  5 years newer for about $4,000 to $5,000. A $25,000 to $50,000 truck would be more serviceable for the Town needs.


At 9PM Attorney Mitch Brunfelt of Colosimo Patchin Kearney Lindell & Brunfelt arrived.  He was delayed at a meeting in Duluth and also received bad directions to Crane Lake.  Moderator Butch introduced Mr. Brunfelt.


Fire Chief Sanborn said the information packets would be sent out in June.


Terrie Hoff asked Jeff if they had a replacement fund. Is the Department saving to pay cash outright or is there a plan to make a down payment and finance a new truck.  Jeff said there is no real plan now and there is no current savings for future equipment expenditures.


Moderator Butch then asked if there was any other new business.


Paul Hamblin thanked the Board of Supervisors for their time, energy and efforts and suggested that they look at additional sources of revenue outside the tax levy.  He suggested using funds from the Snowmobile Club for fireworks.  He also suggested looking at user fees to generate additional revenue and work with the Fire Department to raise money for projects.


Nancy Parvi asked when the election results would be presented.  Clerk Jo Ann said they would be reviewed at the Board of Canvass Meeting immediately following this meeting.


Butch reminded everyone that the Reorganizational and Regular Board Meeting would be held on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 5:30PM at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall.


There being no further business, Moderator Butch asked for a motion to recess the meeting.


A motion was made by Terrie Hoff, supported by Mark Anderson to Recess the meeting until Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 8:30PM following the Regular Board Meeting at the Groomer Garage.  Motion carried.


The meeting was recessed at 9:10PM







Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                           Shirley Sanborn, Election Judge






Charlotte Bystrom, Election Judge                                         Jim Phelps, Election Judge