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June 6, 2006:Public Meeting Minutes



June 6, 2006



The June 6, 2006 Public Meeting was called to order by Chairman Jerry Pohlman at 7:45PM at the Crane Lake Fire Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by those in attendance including:  Supervisor Jerry Pohlman, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, C.J. Fernandez of the U of M Center for Changing Landscapes, Nancy Larson and Tim Engrav of the USFS, Ruth L. Carlson, Community Property Projects Committee Chair, a reporter from the Voyageur Sentinel, and 11 members of the community.


Chairman Jerry introduced invited guests Nancy Larson and Tim Engrav of the U.S. Forest Service from Cook.


Jerry then introduced C.J. Fernandez of the University of Minnesota Center for Changing Landscapes and turned the meeting over to Mr. Fernandez for his presentation to the community.


Mr. Fernandez recapped the community wish list that was presented to him at the beginning of this project and mentioned how it dovetailed with the Community Action Plan, which is being revisited this year.  He further explained that all of that information had been put together for his presentation, which was and continues to be an open process.


Two main directives were considered – Trails and Open spaces and the Land Exchange.  Five major issues reviewed were 1) Lack of Town owned land; 2) What more can Crane Lake offer to attract future residents; 3) Where would those people work; 4) Lack of lodging for seasonal employees; and 5) The changing environment of Crane Lake with a resort being sold and the prospect of that continuing.


Some of the wish list items of the community were:  Recreation opportunities such as tennis and basketball; a Town Center/Hall; Trails – paved and hiking; Trailhead visibility; Museum location; Office space for the Township; Possible business opportunity for Tech./Computer businesses.


The project looked at what 80 acres could provide, where the money would come from, maintenance, and tax increases.  Mr. Fernandez stated that there are organizations that could be worked with to provide funding and work forces for project work.  He stated the importance of the community agreeing on what options to pursue.


The Center for Changing Landscapes would provide a book/manual related to the project work.


Ruth L. Carlson provided a handout explaining the priorities of the plan, description of the Land Exchange and purpose, the benefits and downsides of the exchange and an overall assessment.


Community members may go to to view the Crane Lake project on the website.


The presentation was followed by questions and answers.



Next Meeting:    Board of Supervisors’ Meeting, June 13, 2006 – 7:30PM, Fellowship Hall.




The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9PM






Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                   Jerry Pohlman, Chairman





This draft of the Crane Lake Township minutes has been posted solely for preliminary informational purposes.  Minutes are unofficial and subject to change until they have been approved by the Crane Lake Board of Supervisors.