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December 14, 2004: Minutes



December 14, 2004



The December 14, 2004 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting was called to order by Chairman Mark Anderson at 7:35PM at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by those in attendance including:  Supervisors Mark Anderson and Jerry Pohlman, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, Treasurer Jacque Eggen, Chris Morris and Marvin Matalamaki from St. Louis County Road and Bridge Department, a reporter from the Voyageur Sentinel, and 3 members of the community.  Supervisor Jim Janssen was absent.


Additions to the Agenda:  There were none.


Minutes – A motion was made by Jerry, supported by Mark, to approve the minutes of the 11/09/2004 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Jacque read the Treasurer’s Report.  Jacque then presented the bills as follows:  MN Assn. of Townships Agency – $185.00; MN Assn. of Townships – $135.00; Vidmar Appraisals – $1,360.00; T.W. Nelson & Sons, Inc. – $51.21; Peachtree – $84.00; Jerry Pohlman – $192.38; Crane Lake Chapel – $60.00; CLVTB – $137.04; CLVTB – $6,750.00; CLVFD – $10,925.00 and Payroll – $296.72.  A motion was made by Jerry, supported by Mark to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read and the payment of bills.  Motion carried.


Jacque explained the fund transfer process to the Board and requested Board approval for the fund transfers.  A motion was made by Jerry, supported by Mark to transfer the following amounts to the General Fund:  From Communications/Cell Phone – $55.19; from Trails/Beautification – $497.61; from Community Property Project – $553.44; and from Fire Protection – $4,838.24.  Motion carried.


The Clerk presented the correspondence.  The correspondence was received as read and will be placed on file and acted upon as required.


Chairman Mark introduced Chris Morris of St. Louis County Road & Bridge who in turn introduced Marvin Matalamaki.  Mr. Morris began his presentation by stating that the reconstruction of the culvert between Voyageur Lakes Development and Norway Lodge on Gold Coast Road would be done at no expense to the Township.  Since this will be a visible bridge, State funding may be used for beautification.  Mr. Morris did discuss the plan with C. J. Fernandez of the Center for Changing Landscapes University of Minnesota, who is working on the landscaping for the Community Property Project, regarding pedestrian traffic and the area surrounding the culvert.  The new culvert will be 10 to 12 feet tall and approximately 60’ wide; the existing culvert is 9 feet tall.  The roadway over the culvert will be 24’ wide with approximately 2’ of curbs and gutters on each side plus pedestrian walkways on either side with handrails.  Mr. Morris and Mr. Matalamaki presented drawings and photographs of other culverts/bridges as examples.  Construction is planned for after Labor Day of 2005 and will take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks for completion.  There will be one-way traffic during construction.  They have had and will continue to have discussion with RLK-Kuusisto regarding the sewer line crossing the culvert.  RLK will be placing another layer of blacktop on the Gold Coast Road in the spring; but will not blacktop the portion that will be under construction by the County in the fall.  This portion will be blacktopped by the County.  Storm water on the NW corner of the culvert will be addressed.  Mr. Morris will send a copy of the plan to the Town Board for review.   Everyone thanked Mr. Morris and Mr. Matalamaki for their presentation.





Community Priority Projects Reports:

  • Communications/Cell Phones – Jo Ann read Jim Janssen’s report in his absence.  Jim contacted Marshall Johnson who provided insight on channels to follow and methods of approach.  He suggested asking the County to donate tower space to help persuade a cell provider to come to the area.  Mr. Helmsburger said the tower should be able to accommodate the cell equipment but felt that since 9/11 the space may be needed for border protection.  Jim will contact local Commissioners to see if they can assist to get another tower or get space allocated for our purposes.  Jim has also contacted Cell-One and Verizon to see if they are interested in providing service.
  • Land Exchange/Community Property Project & Trails/Beautification – Ruth L. Carlson reported that the committee is waiting for the new management of the Sappi Corp., formerly Potlatch, to meet with the USFS officials.  This meeting is to establish USFS approval of the land that is to be exchanged.  Once the exchange is completed, the Town will have acquired approximately 120 acres for community and private use.  C.J. Fernandez, U of M Center for Changing Landscapes contacted both Lawrence Keller of Voyageur Lakes Development and St. Louis County Bridge Engineer, Chris Morris to discuss the possibility of planning access to the lagoon at the Camp 40 creek and beautification around the bridge site.  C. J. suggested a trail/walkway by the bridge.  The aerial photos received by the CLWSD from Ayres Associates will be forwarded to C.J. to use in his planning.  C.J. will be scheduling planning meetings soon.


Zoning of Town Properties: Butch Eggen asked Jerry to review the Committee’s report.  The committee met on November 30th. Rob Scott was elected Chairman of the committee.  The committee discussed how to proceed and how to develop an outline of what the committee is authorized to do under the umbrella of county and state regulations.  The Gold Coast area appears to be the critical area to be addressed.  The committee decided to:  Develop a mission statement; continue to understand existing guidance in place regarding zoning and planning; focus on becoming a facilitator of issues with residents of the township and/or the county and state authorities; and determine the best way to handle specific action items submitted to the committee by the Board of Supervisors.  Jo Ann spoke to Scott Smith of St. Louis County Planning and Zoning about the packet of information he had planned to send prior to this meeting.  Mr. Smith said he would provide the packet before the end of the year.  It was noted that there was area concern about the Town having their own Planning and Zoning.  This is not the intention of the Township.  The committee was formed to review current zoning because of recent changes in Crane Lake at the suggestion of the County.


Scott’s Resort – Letter of Support:  A motion was made by Mark, supported by Jerry that the letter of support requested by the Scott’s in June for their development plans be written and sent to the Scott’s.  Motion carried.




MAT Annual Fall Conference of 11/18-20 Report:  Jerry attended the conference in St. Cloud and reported that he attended the General Meeting and workshops on Hot Topics in Risk Management, which was about lawsuits involving roads; and Board of Appeals where he received required township certification.


Resolution – CLWSD Board Appointments:  A motion was made by Jerry, supported by Mark to adopt a Resolution electing Deena Congdon and Darrell Scott to the Board of Managers of the Crane Lake Water and Sanitary District for terms commencing January 2005 and ending January 2008.  Motion carried.


Resolution – Voyagaire Tobacco License:  A motion was made by Mark, supported by Jerry to adopt a resolution issuing J and G. Enterprises of Kab, LLP d/b/a Voyagaire Lodge and Hoseboats a tobacco products license for the year ending the 31st day of December 2005.  Motion carried.


March Town Board Elections:  Jo Ann stated that the filing notice had been published and posted for the March 8, 2005 Township elections.  Two terms are up for election:  Supervisor – 3-year term and Treasurer – 2-year term.  Affidavits of candidacy may be filed with Jo Ann at 7476 Bayside Drive between 9:00AM and 5:00PM from December 28, 2004 to January 11, 2005.  Jo Ann will also be accepting applications for absentee ballots for the Township elections.


Public Comments:


Ruth L. Carlson was glad to hear that the Town was not entering into Planning and Zoning and was happy the Committee to review zoning had met.


Butch Eggen reminded everyone that the Zoning Committee was formed to act as a sounding board for the Board of Supervisors.


Ruth L. Carlson stated that she served on the Town Budget Committee representing the Board.  She resigned from the committee and suggested that another Board member be appointed in her place at the January meeting.


Mike White stated that the CLWSD is pleased with the start-up of the wastewater treatment and collection system and appreciates the cooperation and understanding of property owners as things are worked out.  Mike stated that he and fellow board member Darrell Scott, John Jamnick of RLK-Kuusisto, and Mike Appelwick of Northeast Technical Services met with Environmental Health Director Dale Schroeder of St. Louis County in Duluth on November 30th to discuss holding tanks with barging to dump into the main line to the treatment plant.  The County agreed that this was a viable option and that the District should become the permitting agency with County agreement and approval.  It was also agreed that the District would prepare an agreement between the District and the County on allocation of wastewater capacity of the plant.  The District does not have authority to do land use planning.  The District’s Attorney suggested that it would be prudent for the Town to work with the County on zoning changes that could affect plant capacity allocations.  The CLWSD will be communicating with the Town on plant allocation requirements.


Comments from Officers: Jacque asked if the Board was in favor of her running for the office of Treasurer again.  The response was a definite yes from both the Board and community members present.  Mark stated that he and the other Board members would have conflicts with winter meeting dates because of Sport Shows.  The Supervisors will send their Sport Show dates to Jo Ann so meetings can be re-scheduled.


Next Board of Supervisors’ Meeting: January 11, 2004, at 7:30PM at the Fellowship Hall.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM.







Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                        Mark Anderson, Chairman