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August 8, 2006: Reconvened Annual Meeting Minutes



August 8, 2006


The August 8, 2006 Reconvened Annual Meeting was called to order by Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman at 8:05PM at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with Supervisors Butch Eggen, Jerry Pohlman, and Jim Janssen, Treasurer Terrie Hoff, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, reporters from the Voyageur Sentinel and the Timberjay, and 13 members of the community in attendance.


Clerk Jo Ann explained that the meeting was the Reconvened meeting of the Annual meeting of March 14, 2006; the purpose being to review the Proposed 2007 Budget developed by the Budget Committee and accepted by the Town Board of Supervisors, and to approve a levy amount for 2007.  She explained that the Town Supervisors do not conduct the meeting but rather a Moderator. Jeff Sanborn was elected on March 14th to be the Moderator, but was unable to attend this meeting; therefore, a Moderator would need to be elected.


Jo Ann then asked for a nomination for Moderator.  Terrie Hoff nominated Nancy Parvi.  Jo Ann asked three times for other nominations.  There were none and the nominations were closed.  All present voted in favor of Nancy Parvi acting as Moderator for the meeting.  Jo Ann turned the meeting over to Moderator Nancy Parvi.


Moderator Nancy reviewed the Agenda items and asked Township Treasurer and Budget Committee Chair Terrie Hoff to review the Proposed 2007 Budget.  Terrie reviewed the budget items and asked for questions.  There were none. Terrie thanked the Budget Committee members for their service.


A motion was made by Dorothy Mohr, supported by Terrie Hoff, to reconvene the Reconvened Annual Meeting of August 8, 2006.  There was discussion on the need for more information on acreage and expenses for the land exchange.  Also a resolution for the land exchange needed to be posted and published. Nancy asked Dorothy to restate her motion to include a date and time for the Re-reconvened Annual Meeting.  Dorothy restated her motion to include the Re-reconvened Annual Meeting date and time to follow the Special Board Meeting set for August 29, 2006 at 7:30PM.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.


Discussion followed.  Dorothy Mohr stated that this would be her last town meeting as she was moving away.  She stated that she was disappointed in the lack of attendance at this very important meeting.  She recommended strongly that Crane Lake should use caution in voting on the land exchange because of the expense.  She cited the sewer project and the Visitor Center in Orr as examples of expenses acquired by the Crane Lake and the Orr communities that both are struggling to maintain.  She agreed that a community center was a good idea but an expensive one.  The Crane Lake community should use due caution in acquiring debt for the dreams of some residents of trails, a building, etc.


Ruth L. Carlson agreed with Dorothy that the community should move forward prudently and stated that the land exchange and the community building should not be confused.  The community building would not become a reality until far into the future and that grant funding is often available for such projects.  The land exchange is an opportunity for the Township that will not be available again and must be moved on quickly.  The land exchange is an investment and a legacy for future generations.


Nancy thanked Dorothy Mohr for her contributions to the community through out the years stating that she was the best Round Robin Crane Lake ever had.  Dorothy will be missed.


A motion was made by Dorothy Mohr, supported by Bill Congdon, to recess the meeting.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


The meeting was recessed at 8:45PM




Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                           Nancy Parvi, Moderator


This draft of the Crane Lake Township minutes has been posted solely for preliminary informational purposes.  Minutes are unofficial and subject to change until they have been approved.