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August 13, 2002: Minutes

The August 13, 2002 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting was called to order by Chairman Ruth Carlson at 7:30PM, Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by those in attendance including:  Supervisors Ruth L. Carlson, Mark R. Anderson and Terrie J. Hoff, Treasurer Jacque L. Eggen, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, and 9 members of the community.


Additions to the Agenda – A Memo from Steve Hunter, Borderland Lodge, was presented to the Board to be added to Correspondence and New Business.



Old Business:


Minutes – Motion by Mark, supported by Terrie to approve the minutes of the July 9, 2002 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report – None


Correspondence – The correspondence was accepted to be filed as presented  by Clerk Jo Ann.



New Business:


Clerk Jo Ann read the memo presented by Steve Hunter of Borderland Lodge to the Board and the community members present.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie that the Supervisors review Mr. Hunter’s memo and address his request for assistance at the September Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  Motion carried.


August Short Course Report – All in attendance reported that the training was informative and intense.  Much was learned both from the sessions and from communication with other town officials in attendance.


Interim Financing:

CLWSD – A motion was made by Mark, supported by Terrie to accept the interest free loan of $6,000 from the Crane Lake Water & Sanitary District.  Motion carried.

CLVSC – Chairman Ruth stated that there was a possibility of a $1,000 grant from the Crane Lake Voyageur Snowmobile Club. Community and CLVSC member Darrell Scott raised the point of information that the CLVSC agreed to provide the grant to the Town at their meeting earlier this same evening.  The grant would be available in October.  The Board will pass on the grant after official notice of its availability is received.

IRRRB – An invoice for $1,000 has been sent to the IRRRB to receive the grant.  The check should be here soon.

CLVTB – A loan of up to $25,000 at 2% interest has been offered to the Town by the Crane Lake Visitor and Tourism Bureau.  The Board does not anticipate needing this loan until 2003.  A motion was made by Mark, supported by Terrie to wait until the money is needed to act on the offer.  After discussion the Board agreed to send a letter to the CLVTB accepting their offer and advising them when the money will be needed.  Motion carried.



Bank Authorization – Treasurer Jacque reviewed information received from Beacon Bank on different checking account options.  There was discussion on the number of officers needed to sign each check.  Jacque will consult with Kent Sulem, Attorney at the Minnesota Association of Townships regarding check signatures.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie pending consultation with the MAT attorney, to specify two signatures required for each check with four authorized to sign; those being the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Clerk and Treasurer.  Motion carried.


Signage & Speed Zone Signs  – Chairman Ruth stated that the Town should have a Town name and population sign at the Voyageur Statue and that speed zone signs are needed in congested areas.  Motion by Ruth, supported by Terrie to request that St. Louis County provide a sign with the Town name and population.  Motion carried.  After discussion on speed zone signs, Chairman Ruth requested that Mark research and write a proposal for speed zone signs and report at the September Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.


Invitation for Presentation – County Assessor Dan Christensen.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie to write a letter of invitation to Dan Christensen to attend the October Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  Motion carried.


Election Judges Positions – Posting.  A motion was made by Mark, supported by Ruth to publish a notice of application for Election Judges in both the Timberjay and the Cook News-Herald.  Notices are to be posted also.  Motion carried.


Tobacco Licensing & Regulation – A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Mark for  Terrie to research the tobacco ordinance and report at the September Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  Motion carried.


Liquor Licensing – A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Mark to consent to the issuance of licenses to all establishments holding licenses in the Town.  Approval slips are to be forwarded to the Town Clerk.  Motion carried.


Insurance Coverage – Coverage for volunteers was discussed as an addition to the basic general liability requirements.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Mark for Terrie to research the insurance issue to be passed on at the September Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  Motion carried.


Budget Committee Report – Committee member Dorothy Mohr reviewed the up-dated preliminary budgets for 2002 and 2003 and the property tax levy explanation.  Budget Committee Chairman Mike White explained why the Fire Department figure of $33,200 was a carry over amount from 2002 to 2003.  He reviewed contract discussion items for the Crane Lake Volunteer Fire Department and  the CLVFD annual tax levy from 1998 – 2003.  He stated that contract items need to be resolved before the contract can be signed.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Mark that a letter be written to the CLVFD explaining the Township’s position of being unable to sign the submitted contract.  Knowing it is unacceptable to negotiate one on one by telephone, appreciating the busy schedule of the Fire Chief which makes him unavailable for a meeting, therefore requesting a possible meeting with the remaining officers of the CLVFD and the Budget Committee at the Fire Department Officer’s earliest convenience.   Motion carried.  Chairman Ruth explained that a final budget will be given to the Board at the September Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  The Board will act on that budget. At the reconvened Annual Meeting the citizens will vote on the budget.


Community Building – A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie to appoint Mark  chairman of a committee to begin the process of researching grant availability for a community building and report back on progress.  The committee would include Mark, Jo Ann and three citizens appointed by the Chairman.  Motion carried.



Other Business:


Jo Ann presented an invitation to the Kab/Ash Trail Grand Opening by Voyageurs National Park to the Board.


Jo Ann stated that there would be Election Judge training at the Clinton Town Hall on August 22, 2002.


Comments from Officers – Treasurer Jacque stated that she and Jo Ann would be attending the CTAS computer accounting workshop at Mesabi Community College on Friday, August 16.  A motion was made by Ruth, supported by Terrie to pay mileage for the training.  Motion carried.  Supervisor Terrie thanked Mike White and Dorothy Mohr for their budget presentation.  Chairman Ruth also thanked Mike White and Dorothy Mohr for their presentation and stated that we are fortunate to have people in our community with wonderful training and talent to share with us.



Public Comments:


Dorothy Mohr said she has contacted both Senator Doug Johnson’s office and Congressman Jim Oberstar’s office for flags for the Town Board.


Shannon Bowers asked if the Town Board minutes and financial statements could be posted on the CLWSD Web-site.  Chairman Ruth said the CLWSD would need to offer that service to the Town.  He also asked if elections would be done through the town starting in 2003.  Chairman Ruth responded yes.


Ruth said that the Town of Wuori will donate polling booths to the Town of Crane Lake.  Someone would need to pick them up.


Shannon Bowers asked if there would be absentee ballots for the Township elections.  Chairman Ruth stated that citizens must be present at the meeting to vote.


Butch Eggen asked if the letter sent by the CLVTB was addressed in the correspondence.  Ruth responded yes.


Liz Bowers asked who is responsible for the Voyageur Statue, which needs paint.  Butch Eggen responded that the CLVTB signed a 5 year  lease agreement for the site that the statue stands on and that the CLVTB is working with contractors for bids to totally refurbish the statue; the work to be done between October and Christmas.


Butch Eggen mentioned that if the Town Board requests speed zone signs they should request that the Town is not responsible for enforcement.


Butch Eggen agreed with Shannon Bowers that the Town meeting minutes should be made available to the public.  He will bring it to the CLVTB Board as an option for their Web-site  and a letter will be written to the Town Board so they may act upon it.


Next Meeting:  Board of Supervisors’ Meeting, Monday, September 9, 2002 – 7:30PM at the Groomer Garage.

Reconvened Annual Meeting immediately following.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned by Chairman Ruth at 8:55PM.





Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                           Ruth Carlson, Chairman