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August 11, 2009: Minutes



August 11, 2009


The August 11, 2009 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting was called to order by Chairman Jerry Pohlman at 7:30PM at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance recited by those in attendance including:  Supervisors Butch Eggen, Jim Janssen and Jerry Pohlman, Treasurer Terrie Hoff, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, a reporter from the Voyageur Sentinel, three members of the community and three guests.


Additions to the Agenda:  There were none.


Minutes – A motion was made by Butch, supported by Jim, to approve the minutes of the 7/14/09 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report –Terrie read the July Cash Balances and presented the bills as follows:  Lutefisk Technologies – $29.90; Premier Pyrotechnics – $7,000.00; CLVTB – $10,785.99 and Payroll – $384.51.  A motion was made by Jim, supported by Butch, to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read and the payment of bills.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


The Clerk presented the correspondence.  The correspondence was received as read and will be placed on file and acted upon as required.





Land Exchange/Community Property Project: Ruth L. Carlson reported that Consultant David Schmidt has notified Treaty 1854 of the exchange and is working on the other steps of the land exchange process.


VNP Project Report:  Rob Scott, Chairman of the CLWSD, was not present to report.


Assessment Service:  Jan Jackson, Ron Olsen and Daryl Benson of Kelsey were present to answer any questions the Board would have regarding their proposal for assessment services for the Township.  The Supervisors expressed their concern of signing a four year contract with a new assessor.  Ms. Jackson agreed to a one year agreement with the option to extend that agreement to four years at the same price after the first year of service.  A motion was made by Jim, supported by Jerry to contract with Jan Jackson for one year at $8,400.00 with the option to extend the contract for three more years at the same fee, after a year end performance review.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


Culvert:  An email was received from Chris Morris on 8/7/09 stating that a contractor had not been lined up yet for the culvert project.  He also said he would be forwarding an agreement to the Twp. for review.  He was reminded that the agreement needed to be made with the CLWSD. Butch agreed to contact County Commissioners on the culvert status.




Crane Lake Voyageur Day’s Update:  Ruth L. Carlson reported that a meeting of the Committee had been held that morning and all was progressing well for the Labor Day weekend event.  Posters were being distributed and press releases were sent to area newspapers.  The project is $30.00 under budget and plans to remain that way.  Tickets are available at local businesses for the Friday evening dinner at Nelson’s and the Saturday noon fish fry at Voyagaire.  All other events are free.


Other New Business:  There was none.


Comments from Officers:  Jo Ann reminded the Supervisors that their next opportunity to renew their Board of Appeals Certification would be at the Cotton Township Hall on November 4th.  Jerry thanked Jim for his work on the assessor selection process and thanked Jan Jackson and family for attending the meeting and welcomed them as our assessment service providers.  Butch echoed Jerry’s comments.


PUBLIC COMMENTS:  Stuart McKie questioned the expense of the land exchange, the process of the land purchase and future plans.  The Board responded as well as Ruth Carlson, the Township Representative for the project, who stated that she would protect the resources of the towns people and she resented any hint that the process was not legally or morally correct.




Town of Crane Lake Meeting Minutes – August 11, 2009





Next Meeting:    Board of Supervisors’ Meeting, September 8, 2009 – 7:30PM, Fellowship Hall





There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25PM.





Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk                                                   Jerry Pohlman, Chairman




This draft of the Crane Lake Township minutes has been posted solely for preliminary informational purposes.  Minutes are unofficial and subject to change until they have been approved by the Crane Lake Board of Supervisors.