Crane Lake Township

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3/7/16 Community Meeting Agenda

Crane Lake: Reviewing the Draft Community Plan

Monday, March 7, 2016 ■ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Voyagaire Lodge



Residents will review and suggest changes to the draft community plan, which comments will be used by the consultant team to prepare the final version of the plan for consideration and action by the Town Board.


Welcome and Introductions



Overview of Draft Plan

Purpose: Brief presentation of plan components and contents.

  • Plan Chapters
    1. This Plan is a Tool
    2. Proposed Core Development
    3. The Community
    4. Opportunities
    5. General Guidance
    6. Action Plan
  • General Questions on Plan Document




Community Commentary and Discussion

Purpose: Generate suggested changes on key chapters and content.

  • Participants are encouraged to offer comments and suggestions on Post-It notes regarding any aspect of the plan.
  • Focused Review:
    • Proposed Core Development
    • General Guidance
    • Action Plan
  • General Review




Closing Comments



This is an opportunity to raise questions and discuss aspects of the planning process, implementation, and other related topics.